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Q: How is Photzy related to LightStalking?
A: Photzy is a sister site to LightStalking. We started as a small side project by the LightStalking team in 2012. The goal was to provide more in-depth photography training in the form of ebooks and video courses to Light Stalking's readers. Photzy has grown into it's own photography community now with over 60k members, providing a full library of photography tutorials via a Digital Locker. Essentially we're just a more education-focused version of LightStalking.

Q: How different is Photzy from LightStalking and other photography websites?
A: The Digital Locker is what sets Photzy apart from any other photography website. The locker is a collection of over 100 pieces of content which members get for free. Unlike other photography blogs and training websites, Photzy's content comes mostly in the form of beautifully designed, easy-to-follow ebooks, which can be downloaded and viewed on any device, at any time.

Our sister-site, LightStalking, is still the best place to get daily articles on photography and inspiration, as well as critical feedback on your work via their forums & shark tank.

Q: Where is Photzy based?
A: We are based in Sydney, Australia  (Important Note: All prices of premium products are in US Dollars)

Q: You're giving all these free products, what's the catch?
A: There is no catch. The free guides and videos are absolutely free with no strings attached. We are able to create these free products when subscribers continuously support us through the purchase of our premium guides found in Photzy’s Marketplace section, as well as offers announced in our newsletters from time to time.



Q: How many free guides are available in my locker?
A: We currently have over a hundred free tutorials available in your locker with topics ranging from fundamentals to gear, post processing, composition, lighting, creativity, and short guides on different genres. More guides are added each month.  

Q: Is there a time limit to download the guides in the Digital Locker?
A: There is no time limit to download the guides in the Digital Locker. Most of the free guides stored in your locker will stay in your locker forever. We may remove guides that are outdated.  

Q: Until when will the Digital Locker be free?
A: There is no time limit to the locker being free. We do not guarantee that it will be free forever, but at the very least, it still is.

Q: Can I upload photos to my Digital Locker?
A: No. The Digital Locker is for the storage of Photzy tutorials. You may use photo-sharing services like Flickr and 500px for uploading photos online. If you would like to share some of your photos with us, you may do so through our Facebook page.  



Q: Can I  print the book guides?
A: Yes 

Q: Can I share the guides with my friends?
A: The free guides are absolutely free, so these can be shared with your friends. Better yet, have them sign up for their free account so they, too, can enjoy their own Digital Locker and the chance to avail themselves of our exclusive deals.

The premium guides, however, are for personal use only. All our products are protected by International Copyright Laws.

Q: Can I download the book guides onto multiple devices I own?
A: Yes. Free and premium guides will be stored in your Photzy Digital Locker, and you may download the guides onto any number of devices you own.

Again, take note that while free guides can be shared with others, premium guides should only be for personal consumption. 

Q: Do you have printed books, guides, or DVD tutorials available?
A: All our books and video tutorials are currently in digital format and can be downloaded via the Photzy Digital Locker. We do not offer printed guides or DVDs at the moment.  

Q: Do you have non-English guides?
A: We don't have book guides in other languages at the moment. All our book and video guides are in English.

Q: How do I access my purchased premium guides?
A: Your premium guides are stored in the Premium Content section of your Digital Locker. You should see it at the top portion of the page when you log into Photzy.  

Q: Where can I download the premium guide bonuses?
A: Some of our products include bonus items. These bonuses can be found on the same download page as your premium guide. Sometimes  you need to scroll down the page to see them.  

Q: Why is my purchase not in my digital locker?
A: Not all guides that you purchase through our exclusive offers are stored in your Digital Locker. Although we promote products in our newsletters, you may have purchased them through a partner’s website. However, purchases made through the Photzy website are automatically loaded into your Digital Locker. As a rule of thumb, courses purchased using the Photzy website are stored in Premium Content section of your Digital Locker. Courses purchased outside of Photzy can be accessed through the partner site.

Also, purchases are email specific so whatever email address you've used in the checkout page should be what you'll use in accessing your premium guides. 

If a course should be in your locker but is not there, contact Customer Support.  

Q: Can I Load Ebook Guides onto My Mobile Device?
A: Yes. To load the ebook guides into your mobile device, just follow the instructions in this link.

Q: Does Photzy have a critique service?
A: We currently do not have a photo critique service available, although we are looking at the possibility of having this feature in the future. If you are looking for a place where you can get feedback on your work, you may try our sister-site Lightstalking’s critique forum, Shark Tank. It’s free to join. Click here to access the Shark Tank

Q: I can’t load the Lightroom Presets I downloaded from Photzy? What do I do?
A: If you need help installing the Lightroom Presets downloaded from your locker, just follow the instructions in this link.    



Q: How do I reset my account password?
A: To reset your password, follow the instructions in this link.

Q: How do I change my email address?
A: Your email address is the same with your username so changes are done on our end. However, if you haven’t made any purchase via the Photzy website yet, the fastest way to make an email change is to simply create a new Photzy account using your new email. Since the free guides loaded into your locker have no expiration date, everything in your locker will also be in your new account. You may register using this link. If you have premium guides stored in your locker, contact Customer Support so we can make the change for you.

Q: I was activated as a premium member for purchasing a premium product. Are there fees to stay as a member?
No, we currently do not have recurring payments for memberships. Unless you availed of a payment plan, you will only need to pay for a product once. Payment plans on the other hand can last up to three payments. (Note: Payment plans are only available for certain courses)


Q: How can I avail of exclusive deals?
A: Discounted offers on photography education and products are announced through our email newsletter. These offers are exclusive to Photzy subscribers and are offered just for that specific weekend.  

Q: What is the time limit for the offers?
A: Our exclusive deals usually lasts for 48-72 hours, depending on the offer, although some deals may last longer.  

Q: Can deals be extended?
A: Unfortunately, because of the significant discounts given to our subscribers,  deals cannot be extended after it expires. This is due to the agreements we have with our partners and authors.  

Q: Can you give discounts on premium guides?
A: Most of our guides are already sold at significant discounts. We also have affiliate offers that are priced much lower than the original price offered by our partners.


Q: Are your prices in AUD or USD?
A: Even though Photzy is a registered Australian company, our prices are displayed and charged in US Dollars, this is because the vast majority of our customers are located outside of Australia.

Q: I want to purchase multiple guides at a time. Where is the shopping cart?
A: We currently do not have a shopping cart system that will allow you to purchase multiple products at a time. While we are working on making purchasing more convenient for our subscribers, for now, products can be only purchased one at a time.  

Q: Do you have payment plans?
A: Payment plans are available for some products, usually video courses.You will know if a payment plan is available for a product if it is offered as an option on the checkout page

Q: Why do I get redirected to another site other than Photzy for the exclusive offer?
A: Our premium products are sold via the Photzy website but we also have exclusive deals on photography courses by our partners. Usually, these courses and products are hosted on our partner’s website instead of Photzy so purchases are also done directly through them.


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